What every coach needs to know on the day of the match

Coach Training

There are tried and tested ways to increase your chances of winning. For example, before match day – adjust players’ minds and bodies.Remind each player the following: “What is your opposite number doing this week to increase your chances of playing and can you do more?”If you can convince the player that he is working harder than the player with whom he plays, it means a greater chance of self-confidence.Of course, physically, if they are better prepared (without late nights etc.), This is also an advantage.Before starting – someone is watching you.

Warm-ups can tell a lot about a team – who plays where and how big.In the changing rooms, be careful what you say because the walls have ears. Instead, talk on the pitch.Getting started – have a plan and be calm

Focus on what will happen in the first few performances – e.g. the first turn, first attack. Players can then quickly move to position in the first moments of the game.

This is the moment to make sure that players are not overheated – they rarely charge, giving away free kicks because of a hot game.

The mental test just before starting is fantastic because players imagine what they are going to do, for example picking up a player for marking.

There is enough scientific evidence to suggest that mental preparation makes the first few minutes of the game much more effective.

Rhythm – move at your own pace

Set the rhythm of the game according to the way the band approaches resumption. Slow down, moving slowly to a free kick or free kick, but then change the pace later in the game, remaining in position before the opponent arrives, shouting calls for the other team to hurry.

The rhythm can also be set based on the nature of your game of passes or free throws. Kick long to change the pace of the game, moving forward to places where they were not.

Game switches – time

All sites have one, if not more players, who are more likely to take key breaks in scoring or determining goals. Set up games that disorganize your defense, then use game breakers. In other words, the teams will be geared to keeping the best players, but it will be harder for them to be forced out of position.


Winning teams are often patient teams – they have confidence in their plan and its ability to implement the plan. Not every move will break through, but continuous abrasion will eventually wear out the side and create opportunities to score. Policy makers on the side must be aware of this and follow the plan until a collective decision is made to change it.


Football referees, good or bad, are crucial to the way the game is played. To win, it’s important to bend and compromise, learning how the referee wants the game to be played. Despite all the efforts related to mind games, complaining or disagreeing with the referee does not cut a lot of ice regardless of level.

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