Your team can be game developers or counterattacks

You can read it with some skepticism, but whatever happens on the pitch when your team plays, plays with style.

Yes, style. They may seem to be everywhere and do nothing that you do during training, but watch what they do and determine the style.

The beauty of identifying the style they play in is that it can help solve problems on the pitch. And he gives a training plan to tell his players what to do when they are in possession of the ball.

Simply put, you play one of these two styles:


Here’s what these two styles do:

Counter Strike Style

This style depends on whether your opponents continue playing and whether your team will react to their mistakes, which is quite common at youth level. Discipline and patience are key.

This is not as effective when your team is losing or when the other team is sitting and waiting for your team to do the work. Its disadvantage is that it can lead to a lack of initiative on the part of your players, which means they can’t turn the match in their favor.

Style of play

This style forces opponents to make mistakes, your team controls the pace of the game and the atmosphere in which it is played. I need confident players who have learned basic skills.

Your team must work hard and be able to communicate with each other because if you lose control of the ball you will be hit hard the counterattack team. This is the most difficult of two styles to play.

During the game, look for:

Defensive function

The defensive function is the most important function in the team. The point where your team wins the ball is when you start your attacks and your team’s style comes out.


When a team wins the ball, they need a plan that will make it natural for them to play the ball in the middle of the field or sweep it towards the wingers. And don’t forget that a long pass can be very effective in carrying out attacks.


Plan your attacks carefully. Prepare the attackers for the ball. Can you see the weakness in the defense of the opponent that your players want to exploit? It’s good to take advantage of the penalty in the penalty area, but it’s better if your team has control and has a plan.