How to score more goals

To increase your team’s chances of hitting the back of the net, make them have more shots and be more accurate.

The game is about scoring goals, so if you encourage your players to take more shots and aim the ball at the areas that are the most difficult to reach for goalkeepers, your chances of success will increase. Some experts believe that the best and fastest way to motivate a team to take more photos – and therefore earn points more often – is to adjust their ATTITUDE to take pictures …

Behavior problem

Many young players do not shoot in the goal position.

Why? There are two reasons:

They are afraid of disappearance

To overcome the fear factor …

Praise the players for shooting – this will increase their confidence and increase the likelihood of trying the shot the next time they have a chance.

Prevent your teammates from moaning when someone misses you – it will help you feel confident and improve your team spirit.

Tell players it’s better to shoot and miss than not to shoot at all.


They lack confidence in their technique

There is only one way to improve the technique and it is an exercise! Fortunately, the techniques used when shooting are the same as those used when passing, so as the player’s ability to move the ball increases – using the side foot, insteping the foot (laces), and even outside the foot to rotate the ball – so will shooting them.

The specifics of photography that you should look for are:

Observing the position of the goalkeeper – did they leave a gap that the attacker could use?

Do you choose the best technique – side foot for greater accuracy, or instep (laces) and good “following” of power?

Non-kicking foot along the ball

Hit your head down looking at the ball

Body over the ball

Contact with the middle to the top half of the ball


The guardian won’t like it

“Hit the target” is obviously the most important aspect of shooting, but your team’s chances of scoring more goals will increase if …

Shoot wide rather than high – you have a better chance of deflecting which will not hit the goalkeeper.

Shoot low – it is harder for the goalkeeper to shoot to the ground, because the further he goes to get down.

Shoot the goalkeeper – it is harder for them to keep those arrows, which means they can direct the ball back to the path of another attacker.

Photo sessions

Be realistic – use the right portable gates (or corner flags in the right width from each other) and introduce defenders.

Differentiate the service – players should hit balls approaching, moving away and passing through them, as well as volleys (bouncing balls), the first time, etc.

Make sure you have lots of balls and rotate the balloons!